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A receipt template is an important document for all of us to keep a record of our financial transactions. So this site is all about various formats of receipt templates in PDF, Excel and Word formats. A receipt template is especially useful for businesses and individuals to keep a record of goods or services purchased, or any other financial transactions. So it is a legal proof of a financial transaction and serves the purpose of maintaining a financial records of an individual or a company.


A receipt is a professional letter acknowledging the sale or purchase of a particular item, so it must follow a standard format. Creating a receipt template can be tedious, if you don’t know how to make them. It follows a particular format, such as name, number of items, prices of items, etc. So if you have undertaken any financial transaction and want to provide anyone with a financial receipt, you can download and print the receipt templates available here. You can learn the format of a receipt letter and add ay relevant details which you require.